Early stage knee OA is a serious disease that affects thousands of people

There are few reliable treatments available for patients not eligible for Uni or Total Knee Arthroplasty.

Osteotomies around the knee are established surgical procedures for medial or lateral compartment of the knee. However, there are still significant discrepancies between the initial measurement of the malalignment and the effective and final corrective alignment.

The measurements of lower limb malalignment are the necessary steps to plan corrective procedures. The accurate correction of the lower limb is of paramount importance for clinical outcomes.

The accurate realization of the osteotomy planning is also of importance for clinical outcomes.

OSTESYS is developing an innovative solution with imaging, planning and robotics technologies to address these issues

Ostesys is proud to be affiliated to the Haventure program.

Haventure is a surgical robotics startups factory.

Learn more about Haventure here : http://www.haventure.com/

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